4 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Bridge or Crown

Dental crowns or bridges are an excellent option if your teeth need a quick transformation or fixing. These are tooth-shaped caps or crowns that cover the broken, decayed, discolored, or chipped part of the tooth, which enhances the overall smile appearance.

So, if you’re planning on getting a dental crown or dental bridges in Fort Myers, FL, there are some things you need to ask your dentist beforehand. In this article, we have listed 4 most important questions you must ask before getting this treatment. Let’s have a look. 

4 Important Questions Before Bridge or Crown 

Q1. What is a Dental Bridge or Crown?

A dental bridge or a crown is a teeth-shaped crown that replaces the missing, decayed, or broken tooth. Unlike removal devices, including dentures, dental crowns are cemented on the existing implants or natural teeth, maintaining the overall teeth structure. Besides strengthening the decayed tooth, it gives a natural appearance and enhances your smile. These crowns are generally made of ceramic or porcelain to match the natural tooth color.

Q2. Who Should Get a Dental Crown and Bridge?

Your dentist recommends a dental crown or a bridge to treat patients who want to improve smile features aesthetics or strengthen a weak tooth. In case you experience the following conditions, you should go for a dental crown or a bridge: 

  • Fractured tooth 
  • Dental implants 
  • Decayed or chipped tooth 
  • A broken or missing tooth 
  • After root canal treatment

Q3. What are the Potential Benefits and drawbacks of Dental Crown/Bridge

Benefits of dental crown or bridge 

  • Dental crowns minimize the risk of bone loss. 
  • Excellent at maintaining overall aesthetics 
  • Improves teeth strength and functioning 
  • Provides support to another decayed or damaged tooth 
  • Protect a tooth post-RCT or root canal treatment 

Drawbacks of dental crown or bridge 

  • It leads to potential sensitivity 
  • Increases the chances of recurrent decay 
  • Fracture of porcelain 
  • The crown color does not match the original teeth color 

Q4. How Long Does the Dental Bridge or Crown Last?

The durability of dental bridges or crowns depends on your post-procedure care. Generally, the lifespan of crowns ranges between 5 to 15 years. However, some can even last for a lifetime with proper maintenance. 

Wrap Up!

Getting a dental crown is a big decision; therefore, ensuring having answers to all these important questions is important. Based on these answers, you can make an informed decision. If you have a decayed or broken tooth, visit your dentist and get a crown.